Dutch Bros. Coffee Menu

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Dutch Bros. Coffee Menu

Feeling a little disoriented by all the tempting choices at Dutch Bros Coffee but yet wanting to explore them all? We understand that Dutch Bros has an almost infinite variety of drinks and flavour combinations.

  1. Intro: Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros Coffee, founded in 1992 in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, has grown from a pushcart to over 470 locations and 16,500 employees across eleven states. The company offers speciality coffee, smoothies, freezes, teas, and nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee. In 2020, it donated $5 million to benefit COVID-19 first res ponders, fostering a culture of philanthropy and community improvement.

  1. Brief History:Dutch Bros.

In 1992, Dane Boersma and his brother Travis Boersma founded Dutch Brother’s Coffee Company, or Dutch Bros., in Grants Pass, Oregon. The company grew as a flavored-coffee craze spread, focusing on drive-through coffee shops. Dutch Bros. is the country’s largest privately held, drive-through coffee chain, with 172 franchises operating in various states. In honor of Dane Boersma’s death, all locations donate proceeds to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and participate in a “Buck for Kids Day” to benefit regional nonprofit organizations. Additionally, over $1,000,000 is reinvested into the community by each retail location annually.

  1. Dutch Bros. Coffee Menu.

The Dutch¬†¬†drink menu is extensive, offering a variety of beverages including coffee, tea, smoothies, and hot chocolate. HoweBrosver, it’s important to note that regular drip coffee is not available.

  1. Dutch Classics.
  2. Irish Cream Kicker Brew: Espresso, half-and-half, and Irish cream syrup together. Offers hot, cold, or mixed options.
  3. Caramel Mocha from Caramelizer: Espresso, chocolate milk, caramel sauce, and topping of whipped cream. Offers hot, cold, or mixed options.
  4. Annihilator Chocolate Macadamia Nut Breve: Blend of half-and-half, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and strong espresso. Offers hot, cold, or mixed options.
  5. Cocomo Coconut Mocha: Espresso, chocolate milk, and coconut syrup combined with whipped cream. Offers hot, cold, or mixed options.
  6. Double Torture Extra Double Shot Vanilla Mocha: Espresso, vanilla syrup, chocolate milk, and a double shot of espresso added on top are all blended together and topped with whipped cream. Offers hot, cold, or mixed options.
  7. 9-1-1 6-Shot Irish Cream Breve: Six shots of espresso, half-and-half, and Irish cream syrup are blended together. Offers hot, cold, or mixed options.
  8. Golden Eagle Vanilla & Caramel Breve with Caramel Drizzle: Blend of espresso, half and half, vanilla syrup and caramel sauce, with whipped topping and caramel sauce drizzle. Offers hot, cold or blended.
  9. Cold Brew.

For those who like a stronger flavor, Dutch Bros provides both standard cold brew coffee drinks and nitro-infused cold brews.

  1. Flavors of Dutch Bros cold brew.

The following cold beers are each offered iced or heated.

  • Cold Brew (a smooth, strong cold brew that is lower in acidity and higher in caffeine than regular coffee).
  • Caramelise, which combines cold brew with chocolate milk.
  • White Mocha, which consists of cold brew, chocolate milk, and white chocolate sauce.
  1. Dutch Bros Nitro Infused Cold Brew Flavors.

The following cold beers are each offered iced or heated.

  • Nitro Cold Brew (smooth, creamy nitro-infused cold crew)
  • Caramelizer (Nitro cold brew, chocolate milk, caramel sauce)
  • Annihilator (Nitro cold brew, half and half, chocolate macadamia nut syrup)
  • Kicker (Nitro cold brew, half and half, Irish cream syrup)
  1. Dutch Freeze.
  • Cocomo (coconut mocha)
  • Golden Eagle (vanilla, caramel breve, caramel drizzle)
  • Caramelizer (caramel mocha)
  • Picture Perfect (caramel and chocolate drizzle)
  • White Chocolate Mocha
  • Almond Bar (white chocolate, almond)
  • Banana Bread (banana, hazelnut)
  • Banana Split (vanilla, banana, dark chocolate)
  • Cake Batter (almond roca, white chocolate)
  • Cookie (white chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut)
  • Double Chocolate Mocha (dark chocolate mocha)
  • Dream Weaver (hazelnut, white chocolate)
  • Flap Jack (salted caramel, white chocolate, vanilla)
  • Ba-Nay-Nay (banana, dark chocolate)
  • German Chocolate (caramel, coconut, dark chocolate)
  • Grasshopper (creme de menthe, dark chocolate)
  • Irie (banana, coconut)
  • Islander (chocolate macadamia nut, coconut, vanilla)
  • Jelly Donut (salted caramel, raspberry, almond)
  • Molten Lava (cinnamon, dark chocolate)
  • Nutty Irishman (Irish cream, hazelnut)
  • Snickerdoodle (cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate, cinnamon sprinkles)
  • The Bob (banana, coconut, dark chocolate)
  • Toasted Mellow (vanilla, chocolate macadamia nut)
  • Trifecta (caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate)
  • Tuxedo (white chocolate, dark chocolate)
  • Wallaby (chocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate, caramel)
  • White Angel (white chocolate, coconut, vanilla)
  • White Zombie (white chocolate, vanilla)

Dutch Bros. also offers a wide range of beverages, fizzy drinks, and smoothies e.t.c. you should try it out.


The coffee menu at Dutch Bros. is more than just a menu. Every sip is a treat as you go through the world of strong flavors and imaginative pairings. These undiscovered jewels are undoubtedly worthwhile exploring. Not just because of the unique names and flavors, but also because being a member of the Dutch Bros. secret society gives one a sense of pure excitement at being “in the know.”

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